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Cultivate creativity & cognition with our exceptional workbook for kids ages 2 to 5

Positioning our children to succeed in school with a learn/ create shape and color workbook that teaches them shape identification, color scheme, and creativity―and makes it fun. Our Professor Panda Workbook introduces early learners to proper pen control, imagination expansion, and more with dozens of shape identification exercises that engage their minds and boost their reading and writing comprehension.

This shape & color activity book includes:

40+ Exploration pages―Tons of engaging crayon-on-paper activities such as spot the difference and pattern identification. Offering enough repetition for real learning but enough variety to keep kids interested.
  • Comprehensive skill-building―As they explore these exercises, kids will build a strong foundation of shape comprehension, creative imagination, and color patterns.
  • Colorful fun―This workbook is full of helpful (and playful) pictures and illustrations that will spark kids’ imaginations and get them excited to keep practicing.

Get your little one on the path to success with an interactive book that helps them master early learning skills.


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