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I want to begin with a warm welcome, I started this book in the comfort of my cubicle/ jail cell while wasting my time at a job I loathe and realized the feeling was mutual, so they fired me. These pages serve as a portal into my universe, the multifaceted spectrum between chaos and order, this is a view into the foundation of me. So… “WELCOME! Take off your shoes, don’t drag dirt into my mind, something might grow from it.” This is an in-depth view into my eclectic rule book of surviving yourself. At an early age, life had dealt me a unique hand, my mother was a functional paranoid schizophrenic and deemed unfit to take care of anything living. My siblings and I were sent to live with my aging grandparents, developing these rules assisted me with navigating life, and they have saved my life on more than one occasion. Having no real parental guidance these laws were my life lessons learned over time and keeping to them is imperative because I realized you are the most dangerous enemy you will ever encounter. Imagine a foe who knows your every move, every counter, all the dirty secrets and willing to use them against you with the sole goal of staying alive.

Now, this is a peek into my rules, regulations, laws, standard operating procedures (SOP) or whatever you call them in your universe. We all have rules that govern our lives, the choice is yours to acknowledge them or not. Don’t believe me, how many of you look both ways before you cross the street? A simple action but a rule none the less that impacted the mosaic that is you and your life. Rules shaped by our experiences in life, created, and implemented as we navigate the terrain of living a meaningful life. Some rules are more complex than others because some experiences are more meaningful, impactful, or just cut deeper than others. As we dive into my rules, I must start with my most important rule #72 “Opinions are like assholes, everybody got one.” So, whatever your thoughts are about how I govern my universe, I am sure all your views are valid on your planet. However, on my planet, no one cares about your rules.

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