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With the availability to unlimited information comes coupled with availability to unlimited opinions. Our children have to develop filtering skills to navigate the constant opinions of others shaping their reality and sometimes they get overwhelmed with deciphering what's fact and fiction. This book shows kids that the opinion of another does not have to become their reality, teaching children how to identify;

  • negative thinking
  • peer-pressure
  • mental toughness
  • self-confident
  • self-worth
In a world where our children are bombarded in all directions. Being told how to feel, think, act, and look can be overwhelming. This installment of Professor Panda & What Do They Know Anyway: You Are Who You Say You Are, tackles the topic of public opinion.
  • Our main character Zara is confronted with the internal conflict of who she is and who she wants to become.
  • With an overwhelming world telling her who to become, she is guided by Professor Panda on a journey to self awareness and self discovery.
  • Our resident magical teacher, Professor Panda is a guide to assist with her journey to self-awareness, giving Zara the tools to figuring out who she is and who she would like to become.

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